Why Vladimir Putin is not the Monster that the Western Media make him out to be

In the media there has been mass hysteria for some time about Russia which all curiously went into overdrive when Hillary Clinton lost the US election to Donald Trump in November 2016. They claim Russia hacked the elections because their “sources” say so and yet all the news reports and articles lack one thing – a shred of proof.

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty” Joseph Goebbels

It is easy to be taken in by the media and to start believing the hype when so many different outlets are all saying the same thing and in the past I have myself fallen for some of this and been duped and perhaps I have given some unfair criticism to Vladimir Putin and Russia as a result.


There are some areas were I think Russia and President Putin are doing things that are incredibly dangerous such as dealing with a viper on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons in Iran and providing them with missile defence systems like the S-300. In this I believe a very dangerous game is being played which could have catastrophic consequences.


This however is not just a criticism of Russia and its president it is more of a damning indictment of the former US president Barack Obama as well as David Cameron the UK prime minister at the time plus EU leaders who were involved like Francois Hollande who agreed to the terrible Iran Deal. The Iran Deal paves Iran's path way to obtaining nuclear weapons and all but ensures that there will be a regional nuclear conflict. It ensures that there will be tremendous loss of life at a minimum because mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent for the Mad Mullahs in Tehran.

I also think that President Putin could do more domestically to help Russia prosper by less market intervention, more economic liberalisation, free trade, free movement and economic freedom. Russia is by no means a Venezuela as President Putin has brought a lot of stability to Russia and away from many of the problems of the past but at the same time it is not a China. Singapore, Hong Kong or United States of America. Nevertheless Russia does seem to have been heading in the right direction domestically but needs to diversify and be less reliant on energy in times of tightening and difficulty.


In terms of what is happening in Georgia, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine can we really claim the higher moral ground here? In those places it was ethnic Russians involved whose rights were potentially being threatened. In Ukraine in particular there is evidence that George Soros, the European Union and at the time US President Barack Obama plus the Clinton's fermented trouble there by funding an Ultranationalist uprising and coup that overthrew a democratically elected government. This was almost certainly a mistake by the West. Did we really think that this subversion and interference would be ignored by Russia? Did the West really think they could poke the Bear and it would not get very angry and come out on tenterhooks? Do Western leaders not see the tremendous hypocrisy in funding the far-right in Ukraine but condemning it elsewhere?

At least in Northern Ireland my country the UK was sending in troops to protect the rights of British people who were under threat from terrorism and sectarian violence. The same was the case with the Falklands War in which a foreign power illegally invaded sovereign British territory where the people wished to remain so. In both these situations the UK was right to intervene. Can we say the same is the case in other recent bloody conflicts we have been involved in were the outcomes after such tremendous loss of life doesn't seem to have been good with the vacuum left for ISIS to fill and commit heinous atrocities and genocide against Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, Druze, Shiites and other minorities?

If we are to look at this calmly, rationally and objectively we have to admit that Vladimir Putin may have faults and may have made mistakes on some things, and we do need to get around a table to talk peace on Ukraine and have justice for lives lost in the terrible mistake in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but if we are to avoid the chance of a dangerous escalation and unnecessary war and more Russian and Ukrainian lives being lost the present Russiaphobia media nonsense is exactly that, it is baseless mass hysteria and propaganda.


Sanctions are more often than not pointless and rarely work the only way we will solve situations like this is to talk honestly and openly with all parties concerned around a table to understand each others position and to come to a new understanding and agreement to de-escalate and demilitarise this conflict.

For eight years the United States under Barack Obama fermented conflict and trouble from Tunisia to Iraq through their actions or lack thereof. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are universally hated throughout the Arab world for the terrible results of their weak leadership and the bloodshed they caused. In Egypt we made a terrible call in backing an Islamist government and then failing to act against it when terrible results ensued. In Syria where we again tried to overthrow a stable government and back Jihadist linked rebels we saw the terrible results of those actions in addition to the vacuum we left in Iraq for ISIS to fill and commit a genocide against Christians.


Enough! Came the response from Vladimir Putin and Russia. They saw what was happening and were not prepared to put up with it any more and swept into the Middle East. In the first week that Russia entered the conflict in Syria the Russian Air Force authorised by Vladimir Putin sent more ISIS Jihadists to meet their maker than Barack Obama and the United States Air Force had done in the previous two years. The United States under Obama was averaging only 10 air strikes a day maximum against ISIS in Syria while under George W Bush as a comparison we were averaging over 1000 a day in Iraq against Al Qaeda.

So on this we can say that Russia has done some good at a cost to them and have helped hit ISIS terrorists hard for what they had done to Christians in the Middle East as well as what they have done to Syria. Bashar al-Assad may not be nice but under him all different minority groups were relatively safe in Syria. Russia recognised this and Vladimir Putin has been the only responsible party in all of this acting as a statesman and peace maker to try and end this conflict with the best possible outcome in the total mess and chaos that it had become with so many different parties and factions involved. Putin seems to have been very successful when the odds had never looked very good that any sort of outcome other than a terrible one was possible.

Shouldn't we be thanking him for helping to end the genocide of Christians in the Middle East that Barack Obama and John Kerry did nothing about for three years and one month before they could even decide it was a genocide and call it that?


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" George Orwell