There is a huge difference between Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Anti-Semitism is hatred of Jews and/or the only Jewish country in the world Israel.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East with rule of law and full freedom and rights for all its citizens whether Jewish, Arab, Christian, Muslim, Druze, Bedouins, Zoroastrian, Ethiopian, Yemeni and many others. It is surrounded by many countries with terrible human rights records.

Islamophobia is different because it is an invented term that is an oxymoron and is used to silence debate and criticism of ideology and religion namely Islam.

You are free to like, dislike, be indifferent to or even outright hate any ideology, philosophy, religion, political party or religion as you see fit and for whatever reasons whether rational or not.

Islamophobia is an oxymoron as I previously mentioned. Let me explain why.

First, what is an oxymoron? An oxymoron is something that is not possible or contradictory. So for example “She is just a poor little rich girl” would be an example of an oxymoron because it doesn’t make sense. You cannot be both poor and rich at the same time. You are either one or the other.

Second, what is a phobia? A phobia is a persistent IRRATIONAL fear with a compelling desire to AVOID it.

So, for example, someone may have a fear of flying despite the fact that it is one of the safest forms of travel.

So why is Islamophobia an oxymoron?

Well as some of you may have by now worked out it is not possible to have an irrational fear of an ideology that really does call for the death and subjugation of none believers.

Islamophobia is a recently invented term and it was invented deliberately by the Left to deflect, distract from and conflate a dislike of ideology to a people and as a means to silence debate of dangerous ideologies such as Socialism and Islam.

Islamophobia is the latest race card except it is not for a race, nationality, ethnicity or people group as Islam is not a race or any of those but it is an ideology or religion. And it is a card that is used to deflect attention from actual racism within the politics of the Left such as Anti-Semitism in the UK’s Labour Party or the US Democratic Party and it is something that is also used to silence debate. It is a multi-tool used by the Left and it is quite effective.

If you don’t like what someone is saying about the Anti-Semitism within your party then simple, label the other side as Islamophobic. If you don’t like what someone is saying about Socialism and your economic plans then say that they are engaging in hate speech.

You can silence and censor the debate or deflect attention away from what the other side is highlighting if it is not good and you label the other side the same thing they are attempting to call you thereby winning the argument.

The Labour Party of the UK has used it a lot recently to try and deflect attention away from a real problem of Jew-hatred and an ongoing anti-Semitism scandal in their party since Jeremy Corbyn because the leader and the party were taken over by Socialists and the far left Momentum movement.

Instead of dealing with the problem of Jew Hatred and Anti-Semitism in their own party they sought to redefine it to terms that are much looser so it allows anti-Semites within their party to remain without being labeled as such because it is no longer classed as anti-Semitism due to their changed meaning of words. But what right does the Left have to tell Jewish people and Holocaust survivors what anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred actually is?

We now see that the Democrat Party in the United States is sadly following a similar path to the UK’s Labour Party.

In the United States, everyone knows that the Democrat Party is the party of the Klan, racism, and slavery but they have done a very good job of covering that up and pretending that it was the big bad Republicans instead so much so that many now believe that the opposite of reality is true.

Conservatives like Dinesh D’Souza have done a great job of speaking up and telling Americans the story of the real political history of the country and how the Democrats have conned them.

Recently some Islamist Democrats elected to the US House such as Ilhan Omar have said some things that are very Anti-Semitic and full of hatred for Jews and Israel for no other reason than they are Jewish.

So what has changed is now the Democrats in the United States are no longer covertly the party of Anti-Semitism that they were under Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and others but they are now overtly displaying their Anti-Semitism for the World to see.

This has sparked a sharp backlash against the party in the media from Conservatives, Liberals and from Jewish groups like AIPAC.

Instead of the Democrat Party condemning the Anti-Semitism from its newer members of Congress, they have instead sought to deflect attention away from it by shouting up about “Islamophobia” and other imaging types of alleged hatred just as the Labour Party in the UK has done against Conservatives. Don’t be fooled by this America because it is a deliberate tactic to avoid and evade taking responsibility for their vile hatred of Jews by using a strawman.

23 Republicans were not fooled by the Democrats sham resolution to condemn all hatred e.g. of ideologies as an attempt to silence debate and deflect attention, instead of condemning the only thing that is a problem their anti-Semitism and hatred of a people group and probably the most persecuted in the World ever.

Ralph Northam the Democratic governor of Virginia who was in blackface alongside a friend dressed up as a Klansman in a yearbook photo is still in office and the Democrats have taken no action to remove him.

The Democrats have defended its anti-Semites and sharia law advocates like Ilhan Omar to the hilt. They have excused their anti-Semitism by covering for them and claiming that a grown 37-year-old woman elected to Congress is naïve and doesn’t understand the words she is using because of where she originates from despite being educated in the United States and having a degree from one of its universities.

So not only do we have Democrats deflecting attention away from the crime with a strawman against their political foes we also have them using what looks like racism against one of their own racist anti-Semitic members in order to defend them which is really quite staggering when you think about it.

Unfortunately, it seems that she may have gotten away with it for now and the Democrats have successfully pulled off an incredible bit of deflective PR, excuses and whitewashing to get her off the hook.

Most Republicans seem to have been asleep and confused as to what was actually occurring and how the Democrats have pulled off a pincer movement and avoided this and even incredibly got Republicans to vote for their sham resolution that would actually silence debate of dangerous ideologies, lead to censorship and go against their first amendment rights, principles and freedoms.

There is one last chance for Republicans to get this right by backing Ted Cruz’s resolution this week. And it will also be a chance for moderate Liberals to speak out and prevent their party from becoming like the Labour Party in the UK because that is not a good path to go down.